"As guitar players go, Kevin is about as fine a player as you'll ever hear. He is capable of getting a great tone out of both electric and acoustic guitars."  - 20th Century Guitar Magazine


02/08/2018- Photos are up from the 2018 Winter NAMM Show!

01/06/2018- Very much looking forward to NAMM 2018!  I will be there with my friends from True To Life and Analog Alien Guitar Pedals.  

10/01/2017- Photos and Video from recent performances are up on those pages!

05/15/2017- Upcoming gigs for The Kevin McLeod Band on the Performances page!

09/27/2016- The Kevin McLeod Band was recently featured on the Cable TV Music program Wes Houston Presents.  The program will air on Cable TV in October but you can watch the show at the Four Village Studios website now!

04/11/2016- More upcoming gigs in NYC with True To Life!

11/23/2015- This is a great documentary short from FIOS 1 about the concert window benefit for The Opening Word that I played a few months back: Link To FIOS1 Documentary







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