"As guitar players go, Kevin is about as fine a player as you'll ever hear. He is capable of getting a great tone out of both electric and acoustic guitars."  - 20th Century Guitar Magazine


04/11/2016- More upcoming gigs in NYC with True To Life!

01/15/2016- Upcoming gigs in NYC with True To Life!

11/23/2015- This is a great documentary short from FIOS 1 about the concert window benefit for The Opening Word that I played a few months back: Link To FIOS1 Documentary

10/03/2015- Check out the all of the video footage building up on the True To Life YouTube Page.

07/25/2015 - Check out the VIDEO Page for one of the songs from my recent solo acoustic performance at the Concert Window benefit for The Opening Word!

07/06/2015 - I will be performing at a special benefit concert this Sunday, July 12.  It is an internet concert, you can view it on any device, wherever you are.  Here is a Concert Link with more information.

04/18/2015 - Record Store Day Special!!!  No shipping charges on any CDs purchased from the MUSIC link today and tomorrow!

01/02/2015 True To Life will be featured on the Wes Houston Presents Cable TV Show broadcast this week in Nassau & Suffolk NY.
Wed. Jan 7th - 10:30pm

Cablevision - Channel 20

(Woodbury, Hauppauge & Brookhaven Cablevision Systems)

06/25/2014 - New videos up on the Video page from the recent True To Life performance in NYC!

05/01/2014 - New gigs on the PERFORMANCES page!

04/15/2014 - New photos of The Kevin McLeod Band rehearsing AND True To Life rehearsing on the PHOTOS page!  Both bands are preparing for upcoming performances.



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